POEM | The Moon Game

16 Dec

Be sure to check the  Moon Phases Calendar for the moon phase of your storytime!


I’m the moon and I play a game.

I don’t always look the same.


Sometimes I’m round,

A silver sphere.


Sometimes just half of me

Seems to be here.


Sometimes I’m a crescent,

Shaped like a smile.


Sometimes I surprise you

And hide for awhile.


Look up in the sky

For my friendly light.


What shape will I have

When you see me tonight?

– Author unknown

PDF > POEM + FLASHCARDS: “The Moon Game” + The Phases of the Moon

Deutsch: Der Vollmond, fotografiert in Hamois ...

2 Responses to “POEM | The Moon Game”

  1. jim 2008-05-07 at 16:29 #

    your first picture up top there of the moon phases shows a retrograde orbit, it also conflicts with the rest of you phase pictures. it should be like this; )O( but you show it like this in that pic – (O) if you show it that way you might want to explain that, in writing below the pic to avoid confusing people. thank you.


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