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STORYTELLING PROPS | The Rabbit in the Carrot Pop-Up

1 Aug

I was called in at the last minute to give a Family Storytime to a group of caregivers and their charges. Needing some extras, I went into the “closet” and found a cute Made-in-China pop-up toy featuring a little rabbit hiding inside a carrot.

I asked my boss what she knew about this object and she replied:

Well, I was mesmerized and so were the kids and their caregivers.

So, I decided to buy one for my regular Storytimes.

A long search came up empty-handed. As no bunnies in carrots were to be found, my crafty side began to think that I could build one myself.

I already had a finger puppet from IKEA that I could use:

So, I gathered together a pair of scissors, a stick, a plastic funnel,  squares of orange and green felt, a piece of white fabric to make a “skirt” for the bunny, a sewing kit, thick rubber bands to hold the skirt to the funnel, and a bottle of Weldbond to hold the last layer of felt in place, and … got busy!

Weldbond – It’s the best!

About an hour or so later (twisting the felt just-so was somewhat frustrating!) I had my bunny on a stick. Up and down she goes, depending on her shyness quotient (or how enthusiastically the kids shout out their part in the play: “Yes, she will!”).

Total cost: less than $3. That’s a lot of joy per buck.

And, if I may say so, I think it’s better than the Made-in-China one back in the box in the “closet” at work.

and …

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