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FELT STORY | 5 Little Snowgirls

14 Dec

5 Little Snowgirls - puddles

5 Little Snowgirls 1

5 Little Snowgirls 2

5 Little Snowgirls 3

5 Little Snowgirls 9

5 Little Snowgirls 4

5 Little Snowgirls 5

5 Little Snowgirls 6

5 Little Snowgirls 7

5 Little Snowgirls 8

A tip of the HAT to my colleagues, Alicia and Nicole, who kindly shared their version of this fashionable felt story:

5 Little Snowgirls 11

5 Little Snowgirls 10

I really like Alicia’s penguin hat!




When I was cutting out my own snowpeople yesterday, a couple of curious coworkers went, “aah … cute!” and wanted to know the story.

Their feedback: “Those words are way too sad for little people’s sensitive ears!”

So, I took their advice and found a more optimistic version, here:

Five little snowmen were very fat,
Each one wore a funny hat;
Out came the sun and melted one,
And four little snowmen stood in the sun.
(Continue counting down to one)

One little snowman was very sad,
He still had his funny hat,
Down came the snow
and the children played,
And built four more snowmen on that winter’s day!

* Feel free to change this to snow women, snowgirls, etc.




I then took some liberties with those words and accepted the author’s advice to do away with the “man” in snowman.

These, then, are my snowgirls and they’re showing off their new winter hats in the biggest September issue ever. Thanks, Alicia and Nicole!

5 Little Snowgirls 15

5 Little Snowgirls 14

5 Little Snowgirls 16

FELT STORY | 5 Little Snowgirls PDF

5 Little Snowgirls 12


FAT is politically incorrect, apparently.

So, I’ve reworked the rhyme to eliminate excess baggage.

I know the second verse doesn’t rhyme very well… I’m thinking, I’m thinking …

5 Little Snowgirls

FELT STORY 5 Little Snowgirls PDF



“A snowgirl can never be too fat or too rich.”

“This season’s millinery was a special delight. The Alicia C penguin hat is to die for.”

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