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FLASHCARD STORY | Cosmic Panda: Chapter One

8 Jan

In a previous post I wrote that I really liked YouTube’s “Cosmic Panda” Beta release graphic of a supercute panda and that I wanted to archive him for posterity by turning him into a flashcard story.

Ta da! …

Introducing the first installment of THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of COSMIC PANDA.

If you’d like to read about Cosmic Panda’s intergalactic adventures, click on the PDF logo at the end of the post (please be patient while it downloads — the story is 45 cards long).

I’ve formatted the story to print double-sided so that you can read the story on the back whilst showing the picture front to your audience:

I hope you enjoy COSMIC PANDA and I invite your feedback.

(BTW, Chapter 2, “Trouble at the Double Helix,” is  in production. Stay tuned for its début on Guybrarian in the supernear future.)

Space Bunny!

… lots of penguins!


Note that the dialogue in COSMIC PANDA is in script form. To liven things up, I’ve made a character chart and stick puppets. Before I start the story, I go over the characters using the chart and then pass out the sticks (multiple copies of each).

Whenever a character in the story has a speaking role, the members of the audience with that character stick hold up their  character. In a few places, up  to four characters speak at once. Try it — it’s fun!

To wrap things up, I hand out a Cosmic Panda colouring sheet and button.

PDF > FLASHCARD: Cosmic Panda Character Card 

PDF > STICK PUPPETS: Cosmic Panda – Main Characters for Chapters 1 + 2

PDF  > COLOURING SHEET: Cosmic Panda – Fill in the Stars


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