FLASHCARDS | Cosmic Panda

17 Dec

I thought that YouTube’s “Cosmic Panda” was extra-cute and thought I should grab some images of him before he disappeared forever.

I made some flashcards; now I’m thinking of how to incorporate them into a storytime. Perhaps a felt board story about Cosmic Panda’s intergalactic friends?

WEEKS LATER … Well, I didn’t go for the felt board idea. Instead, I’ve been working feverishly on a fairly long and complex story about Cosmic and his galaxy of friends that I’m printing on card stock. So far, I’m up to two chapters.

Click on the last link below to see how this project unfolded. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about Cosmic Panda and his intergalactic adventures.

PDF > FLASHCARDS: Cosmic Panda (Original Version; Complete Version > link below)

Google Operating System | No More Cosmic Panda

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